All Play and No Work

You've got opposable thumbs. But do you have a job?

Campus Job hooks up college students with part-time work and internships

If only today’s college experience were a little more like Animal House. But with ever-increasing tuition costs and a highly-competitive workforce, these days the college experience might feel a little more like Lord of the Flies.

Even the simple task of finding a part-time job or summer internship can prove daunting.

That’s where Campus Job comes in – the platform hooks up college students with jobs as varied as barista or Apple campus rep. Officially launched in September last year, the company saw membership triple between October and December.

Two weeks ago, Campus Job launched a summer internship finder, offering qualified applicant matching for highly coveted gigs.

“Everyone wants to hire college students – they’re smart, tech savvy, and hungry,” cofounder JJ Fliegelman told us. “It’s not a hard pitch. ”

Based out of New York, the team of nine recently relocated to northern California to join Y Combinator’s January class.

“A few months ago we told everyone that we had this great opportunity to live, breathe, and sleep Campus Job for five months, and if they see the value they should join us,” cofounder Liz Wessel said. “And everyone was in. We flew everyone out in early January, found a house on Craigslist, bought hundreds of dollars in ramen and paper towels, and got a minivan.”

You can check out everything Campus Job has to offer here.

Now go forth (and toga, toga, toga).


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