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Capco Digital’s Innovation Lab helps big finance innovate

Image courtesy Capco

The Right Touch

In a corner room on the 10th floor of a Financial District office tower, you just might find executives from the world’s most powerful banks playing with high definition touch screens – North America’s largest such display, no less.

That’s the power of the Capco Digital Innovation Lab, featuring two 8-foot-high screens – one sprawling across a 29-foot wall, and the other across a 15½-foot piece of glass – which use range-finding infrared cameras and HD projectors to create a truly immersive touch-screen experience.

Capco Digital – Capco’s year-and-a-half-old offshoot intended to help clients develop digital strategies – uses the space for presentations, brainstorming, and collaboration with local and remote clients.

Founded in Belgium in 1998 and acquired by FIS in 2010, Capco doesn’t exactly work with clients who are just scraping by – the firm says that current and past clients include roughly 75% of the world’s global financial service institutions.

“If a financial business doesn’t do a lot innovation in a short period of time, there’s going to be a lot of lost players out there,” Chief Innovation Officer Wade Murray told us. “Now the expectation on banks is that they have to provide the same capability as other products on the market.”

You can read more about Capco’s Digital Innovation Lab here.

Now go forth (and go big).


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