Career matches at Bumble + One buzzworthy taco

Help make a better product for Bumble users this summer.

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First Job Out of College

Account Management Coordinator (Acquia)

Acquia is an open source digital experience company that makes Drupal-related products for recognizable brands. (Fun fact: The founder of Drupal, Dries Buytaert, is also a founder of Acquia.)

Supporting account managers with onboarding, renewing, upselling, and cross-selling clients, you’ll gain insight into software sales and account management at a growing software company that’s rated one of the top workplaces in Boston.

Internship of the Week

Summer 2021 Internship (Bumble)

Bumble is looking to match its Head of Product Strategy with a summer intern for a remote, 6-week “think-tank/brain trust project targeted at Gen Z.”

They’re seeking candidates with a background in design, product, analytics, and cognitive science who can workshop problems and strategize solutions in a collaborative, cross-functional setting.

Oh, and you must love Bumble.

In the News

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference includes a challenge where students demonstrate their coding and problem-solving skills by submitting an original Swift playground. Those submissions have been reviewed, and winners have been announced. Meet 3 of the winners, who are high schoolers shaking up tech as well as the world!

Public Colleges & Collection Agencies

Did you know that, in some states, the law requires public colleges to use collection agencies if debts go unpaid for too long? That’s why the financial futures of so many students are in peril, according to this NBC News article.

The Taco Report

How is Chef Tobias Padovano welcoming back cicadas?

By turning them into tacos, of course!

Padovano’s Brood X cicada special is selling out, but if you can’t make it to Virginia to try some for yourself, this article shares a few quick kitchen tips on how to make the best crunchy cicada tacos at home.

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