Casper’s Quest for the Perfect Pillow and Sheets

Image courtesy Casper

Rest Assured

Casper made a name for themselves bucking industry convention. While most mattress companies have come to offer an endless variety of products with a baffling spectrum of firm/plush/pillowtop configured for your individual “sleep type”, Casper sells just one mattress in a variety of sizes.

That is, until a month ago, when the New York-based startup launched a line of pillows and sheets. It was an inevitable move for Casper, which has become one of the fastest growing consumer brands of all time. However, it was anything but simple.

“We launched the mattress in April of 2014, and we started doing initial testing on sheets and pillows in July,” Jeff Chapin, Casper’s cofounder and Chief Product Officer, told us. “We could have gone to a supplier and white labeled something, and we could have launched sheets within three months. But we’re committed to really understanding what makes a great product and that takes time.”

In those 16 months, Casper’s research and development involved everything from “sleep selfies” – Casper’s team of testers who photographed their sleeping partners – to intensive prototyping – they tested 60 different pillow types over that time.

Thus far the response has been excellent, according to Chapin. “Of course, because of our 100-day trial, we really don’t know until after that 100th day. But everyone we’ve heard from has been really enthusiastic.”

You can check out Casper’s pillows and sheets right here.