Chase Your Dream Job At These 9 Gaming Companies

Unfortunately, dear reader, your odds of becoming a professional esports athlete are likely slim. But that doesn’t mean a job in the gaming industry is out of your reach. From game studios to streaming platforms to VR arcades, there are gigs aplenty. Here are 9 of gaming companies hiring now.

PocketGems: PocketGems has cornered the mobile gaming market with hits like War Dragons and WildBeyond. With an expansion into mobile-first 3D gaming in their plans, PocketGems boasts dozen of openings in San Francisco, from art to marketing to product and more.

Dots: Complex medieval landscapes are cool and all, but Dots has proven that the most successful mobile games are often incredibly simple. With three chart-topping iterations under its belt, the Dots studio is still going strong, and they’ve got a handful of openings in New York.

Niantic: Remember when everyone on your nearest street corner suddenly became a Pokemon trainer? You can thank Niantic and their augmented reality gaming platform for Pokemon Go’s massive popularity. Niantic’s got openings from San Francisco to Seattle, in everything from art & design to engineering.

Survios: While Niantic leads the emergence of AR gaming, LA-based Survios has its focus set on VR. Between developing full-motion VR games and managing VR arcades, the Survios team is growing fast.

Twitch: As it turns out, hosting more than 100 million monthly gaming livestreams requires a pretty hefty team. Twitch’s dozens of openings range from viewer experience to content partnerships to engineering, with the majority of roles based in San Francisco.

Discord: Discord’s voice and chat app has boasted massive user growth since its inception, and predictably, that makes for a fast-growing team. The San Francisco-based company has loads of openings in engineering and more.

Scopely: From WWE to Wheel of Fortune, Scopely’s worked with major brand after major brand to produce a long line of hit mobile games. They’re hiring for dozens of roles, both in Culver City and Barcelona.

PlayStation: Can you believe PlayStation turns 25 this year? No need to fear a quarter-century crisis for this gaming giant: they’re looking to fill more than a hundred openings, largely at their numerous west coast locations.

Bungie: Halo and Myth developer Bungie is a gaming industry stalwart in its own right, as it approaches three decades of consistent output. They’ve got more than a dozen roles open at their Bellevue, Washington HQ.


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