Check out 11 of the strangest uses for drones we’ve seen

Flying the friendly skies

Cleared for Takeoff

Drones have become inescapable – if they’re not hovering overhead, they’re all over the news. Even nature is starting to fight back. Despite their ubiquity, there’s a lot you don’t know about drones. Check out 11 of the strangest applications for the tech we’ve seen.

Fly Boys

Welcome to Game of Drones – since 2012, the startup has been throwing drone races and fights in a San Francisco warehouse.

High Art

Forget that selfie stick – if you really want to impress Instagram, you need to go higher. There’s even a photo-sharing platform exclusively for drone snaps, the appropriately-named Dronestagram.

And why stop at still photography? The forthcoming Flying Robot International Film Festival will films shot entirely by drones.

Dronny Appleseed

The engineering team behind BioCarbon Engineering is using drones to fight deforestation, using unmanned aerial vehicles to drop seeds where they are needed most.

Far-Flung Correspondents

15 of the country’s biggest news organizations have been testing news gathering drones at a Virginia test range. An FAA petition filed last year even asserts that drone reporting is protected by the First Amendment.

Pennies from Heaven

In May, an anonymously-helmed drone in Grand Rapids, Michigan made it rain – dropping cash from the skies and causing low level chaos below.

Sky Doctor

For much of rural America, medical care is simply too far away. In July, a pop-up health clinic in Virginia received ten pounds of medicine delivered by drone. More recently, doctors at Johns Hopkins Medical University showed that blood samples can also be delivered by drone.

Not All Good

Of course, drones can also be put to more nefarious uses. A prison in Ohio saw a drone deliver drugs and other contraband into a prison yard. And one enterprising gun nut has created a drone with a mounted semiautomatic handgun.