Checking in with Jet, after their massive 2015 launch

Kumail Nanjiani explains the wonderful world of Jet.

Pennies and the Jet

Along with Vince Staples and The Force Awakens, it’s probably no exaggeration to say ecommerce site Jet had one of the most hotly anticipated debuts of 2015.

Before the site had even launched, Jet managed to raise $225 million on an otherworldly valuation, with the none-too-small task of taking on Amazon.

But for founder Marc Lore, great expectations do not necessarily mean a grueling work culture. “I’m constantly asking people at Jet if they’re happy,” Lore told The New York Times. “It’s really important for me to know that they love working here and think this is the best place they’ve ever worked.”

And the platform is steadily gaining traction. During the height of holiday shopping season, Jet had its first $2.5 million revenue day, and both Apple and Google named Jet’s mobile app among the best of 2015.

Of course that’s a long way from actual profitability. Adweek reports the site will need to generate $20 billion in revenue by 2020 to operate in the black. But the ecommerce industry is already worth $300 billion and growing fast – surely there’s room for more than just an 800-pound gorilla named Amazon in the space.

Jet is hiring for 54 open jobs out of their Hoboken headquarters – check out all of Jet’s job listings here.

Now go forth (and jet on it).