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CLUG is the world’s smallest bike rack

Image courtesy CLUG

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Yes, the signs are confusing and the meters even worse, but frankly we’ve heard enough complaints about parking cars.

Parking your bike, meanwhile, presents a real dilemma: lock it up outside and pray you return to more than a disemboweled frame or haul it into your living room to be tripped over and kicked repeatedly.

Dubbed the world’s smallest bike rack, Vancouver-based Hurdler Studios’ CLUG has hit the market following a successful Kickstarter campaign, ensuring that you can keep your dear bicycle safe and sound and out of your damn way for cheap.

Comprised of two C-shaped sections – the “clipper” and the “gripper” – the CLUG is easily drilled into a wall. The CLUG holds onto the bike’s front tire, and can support the whole bicycle even if it’s standing on just one wheel.

And unlike those metal behemoths we so often call bike racks, the CLUG is actually aesthetically pleasing, available in orange, green, blue, or black.

The bike rack comes in three sizes: Roadie, for skinny tires, Hybrid, for mid-sized tires, and MTB for mountain bike tires. The MTB is not yet in stock, but the Roadie and Hybrid are available at $25 for online purchase here.

Now go forth (and clip it and grip it).


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