Coliving community Common is set to open in Brooklyn this fall

Roommates, collaborators, drinkers of water.

Co-live and Let Live

The New York telecommuter has little reason to fret about apartment isolation or coffee shop crowds these days – co-working spaces are everywhere, catering to every freelancer or free-roamer in need of a desk and a productive environment.

Finding a place to live, however – without the tax returns, social connections, and cold, hard cash required – is the real challenge for a new transplant. So General Assembly cofounder Brad Hargreaves has founded a startup called Common that’s offering the logical next step: coliving.

They’re opening their first residence in Brooklyn – a 19-room apartment building – this fall.

Common-ers will be able to rent rooms month-to-month, free of a long-term lease – each resident is vetted and endorsed by a community member before moving in. And locations will host talks, dinners, and gatherings for members.

“The biggest problem that our students would always have at General Assembly is how do they find low-cost, flexible housing that has some of the same community values that we built,” Hargreaves said. “Many of our students can’t qualify for leases.”

To hear more about Common as they prepare to open their flagship location, you can stay in touch here.