Cobbler Concierge is NY’s newest 83-year-old startup

This is not the peach cobbler we ordered.

A New Shine

Fast fashion is, in many ways, disposable fashion – you’re probably not going to be wearing that pair of H&M jeans in two years time. But with some luxury duds, replacing them with a newer, shinier iteration just isn’t an option.

Enter Cobbler Concierge. Working out of a 5,000 square foot production facility in Queens, the company restores and repairs luxury shoes and handbags. Simply request a pre-paid shipping label, ship your goods to Cobbler Concierge, and they’ll return them to you in like-new condition.

The New York repair operation is a startup of sorts – the company was cofounded by Joe and Andrew Rocco, whose family has operated midtown’s Jim’s Shoe Repair since 1932.

“Shoe repair is an art, truly. I didn’t realize that until I started doing research on the industry and met the Rocco family,” cofounder Pettus Randall said. “Every shoe is slightly different, and every wear and tear on that shoe is different. The knowledge that has been passed down is invaluable, and key to this whole thing. It’s not something you can Google.”

If you’re interested in putting a new shine on your shoes or bag – prices start at $60 for women’s shoes – you can check out Cobbler Concierge right here.

Now go forth (and get spiffy).