Coffee’s Making You Broke

Beautifully poured retirement savings. (Source: Giphy)

Broke Provoke

Chase Bank’s ‘Monday Motivation’ got them in hot water today. The tweet suggested that cabs, coffee, and eating out were to blame for low bank balances. The masses quickly noted that Chase’s $25 billion bailout may disqualify it from lecturing people on financial responsibility (among accusations of ‘poor-shaming’ and more).

Plenty of personal finance and investing startups are happy to try their hand at saving and investing advice. These are all hiring, including Robinhood, Wealthfront, ElleVest, and more.

Fun Run

Have you seen the Peloton treadmill? It has quite a story – and we made a video about it here.

The company continues to hire across roles. Check them out here.

Private AI Is Watching You

Want to hide from all the crazy AI surveillance tech? A simple color print out will do, apparently. The MIT Technology Review has you covered

Prefer to work on perfecting that AI instead? Check out jobs at Slack, Netflix, C3, Ring, and more.

Bye, Bye Bot

Ankini, maker of tiny adorable robots, abruptly went kaput, laying off most its staff.

But, broadly, the robotics and automation continues hiring at full speed. Here are more than 2,000 open jobs at Magic Leap, Visa, Venmo, and more.