Croissant Lets Members Check into 15 Different NYC Coworking Locations

Image courtesy Croissant.

The Updated Office

The end of the cubicle is nigh. In 2013, Deskmag reported that an average of 4.5 new coworking spaces were being opened per business day. Today, that number has grown even more dramatically.

In July, Croissant jumped into the crowded coworking market with a unique offering – instead of tying members down to a particular coworking space, Croissant lets them grab open seats at fifteen workspaces across New York City through their iOS or Android app.

Cofounder Dave Idell describes Croissant as the “ClassPass for coworking.” Members needn’t book a space in advance, and can even invite guests to come work with them for five free hours a month – after that, visitors are charged $8 per hour.

“Two major shifts are happening,” Idell told us. “One shift is freelancers and 1099s and the other is regular corporations are looking for alternative work space – and not even just work space, but the lifestyle for the corporate employee is changing. They don’t want the typical 9-5.”

Croissant memberships cost $99 part-time, and $299 full-time. You can check out Croissant, as well as book a tour of their working spaces, here.


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