Cubicles Roar Back

Optimal productivity environment (Via Giphy)

Walls Coming In

So office cubicles are back. At least the next-generation of them.

In any case, we have jobs with all manner of office (or none at all), on the Uncubed job board, which now has 40,000+ openings. Browse here.

Tidy Ship

Shipping is a massive polluter. But the era of low carbon transport is here.

A wave of startups are pushing the green envelope, including Flexport, which we featured in this video (in partnership with AWS).

Flexport is hiring. And here are jobs elsewhere in supply chain, including at Square, Peloton, Getaround, OnDeck, and more.

Meatless Buzz

Blue Apron stock rose on news of a partnership with Beyond Meat and the related introduction of alternative meat in its meal kits.

Food delivery in general remains hot and rife with opportunties for gainful employment. Browse them here.

Prime Day Guide

We’ll assume you’re otherwise covered for Prime Day. So we’ve condensed our recommendations into a single, solitary single item.

Feast your eyes on the 3D Simulation Bread Shape Pillow Lumbar Support which, for some reason, is on sale for Prime Day.

Private Eyes

If our data is already out there, why not cash in?

Amazon is offering ten US dollars to anyone willing to them track the sites they visit.