A darling of early 21st century transportation says goodbye

Life moves on (but it won’t be traveling by Segway anymore) (Via Giphy)

Here’s why tracking remote work is taking off

How do employers know that workers are being productive when working remotely? Through software made by companies like ActivTrak and Time Doctor, which have capabilities like tracking keystrokes, taking screenshots, and determining your ability to meet a deadline based on a photo of the sweatpants you chose to wear today. Okay that last one doesn’t exist yet, which is why you’ll want to read CNBC’s investigation of  employee productivity tracking and how it’s helping companies confirm the value of remote work policies.

If being productive by building SaaS technology is where you want to apply your engineering expertise, Hootsuite is hiring a Software Developer, Back End to help build, test, and deploy their social media publishing products

Creative & Thoughtful? These product design roles are calling your name

You don’t have to be a classically trained actor like Instagram icon Leslie Jordan to enjoy performing in front of the camera these days thanks to companies like Animoto. They build mobile video apps, and are searching for a Product Designer to lead the design and development of their online video creation tools. 

If you’re camera shy, we’ve gathered our latest opportunities in Product Design here (early professionals should target the Product Designer opening at Axios).

Did someone ring for a remote job in sales? 

Moving stuff from one location to another is a common task that’s much more manageable when more people are involved. Bellhop recognized this, and wants to keep spreading the word about its services by hiring a seasonal Inside Sales Associate. A tenacious communicator, the successful candidate that wins this role will be able to handle high volume inbound and outbound calls from customers and prospective clients.

Negotiating salary in the new world of work from anywhere

Incorporating new terms to old salary requirements can be tough as we navigate through this pandemic. That’s why we’re thankful for this Techcrunch article outlining how salaries in tech are shifting post COVID-19. Does the ability to work from home long term for lower pay sound good to you?

 Now that we’ve got you thinking about money, we thought we’d share this Investment Analyst opportunity at Pantera Capital, where you’ll help evaluate new investment opportunities through market research, product reviews, and competitive analysis.

And now, we segue to an article about…Segway.

Before Elon Musk’s desire to disrupt the way we travel and name our children took over our newsfeeds, there was Dean Kamen and his mysterious invention known as the Segway. Fast Company reports that on July 15 Segway is ending production, putting an end to the preferred method of travel for obscure Silicon Valley execs and mall security guards everywhere. 

If you’re in need of a pick me up after pouring one out for a product that was just too well made for profitability, Lyft is hiring multiple positions to help build the future of its Bikes and Scooters division.