Was your degree a total waste?

An incoming freshman pays tuition (via GIPHY)

A Degree In Regret?: If you’re wondering whether that college education was worth that big ole pile of debt, we’ve got good (or bad) news for you: a team at Georgetown has calculated the average ROI of degrees at 4,500 schools. Among their findings: oft-expensive four-year private universities offer the best long-term ROI, but a two-year associate’s degree could bear fruit more quickly. You know what could bear fruit even more quickly than that? This rundown of jobs in ed tech.

Gig Workers Get Wheels

As bike sharing booms and gig work grows, we’ve reached some sort of trendy tech inception: bike sharing specially designed for gig workers. Australia’s Bolt Bikes is set to launch in the U.S. and U.K., bringing its fleet of electric bikes and gig worker support services. And here’s a little something-something on demand: some of the best open roles in logistics.

Scoot Freely, Friends

Here’s an electric take: e-scooters are actually safe, according to Outside, at least. As writer Eben Weiss so eloquently puts it: “Ultimately, freaking out about the dangers of scooters is like worrying about razor blades in candy apples: just another distraction from that SUV bearing down on you.” Go ahead and distract yourself from that lovely image by checking out these job opps in transportation.

Visualize This

Here’s something pretty to look at, even if the insights within are less appealing to some: a FlowingData visualization of median annual salary for 800 different occupations. There’s even a breakdown by industry contained within, in case you’re wondering about the discrepancy between, say, a PR specialist and a technical writer. And if you can visualize yourself working in data viz, check out these jobs.