At Dev Bootcamp Career Development Is Baked into Their Program | Sponsored

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Career Development for Developers

Dev Bootcamp’s immersive program will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a full-stack web developer. And the coding bootcamp will help you land a job after graduation.

Some schools tack on career development as an afterthought, but at Dev Bootcamp, career development is baked into the curriculum. Teachers work with the career development team to ensure students are learning the skills that recruiters are looking for.

“We combine meaningful tactics with technical ones,” Nicole Drummond, a career developer at Dev Bootcamp told us. “Our graduates complete coursework that is not just coding, but also about detecting biases, working better as a team, and delivering feedback. Our employers time and time again say that they are impressed by our developers’ interpersonal skills along with their technical ability.”

Students meet with Dev Bootcamp’s career coach on the very first week of on-campus classes, and students keep in touch with the career development team through newsletters, community events, and ongoing one-on-one appointments.

The job market for developers is robust, but the industry is more saturated than it was a few years ago, so job seekers have to stand out, said Drummond.

“Our graduates have to work hard to differentiate themselves,” said Drummond. “We equip them with the tools to better understand what makes them unique, what they can offer an employer, etc. A big emphasis has been placed on both branding and nailing the technical interviews here at DBC.”

Dev Bootcamp has career development teams in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Austin and Washington, DC, who track trends in tech hiring across the country. Their career development teams can help students land jobs across the country and even internationally.

Toward the end of the program, Drummond’s team organizes Career Week Sprint, which involves networking, building a tech resume, and perfecting a LinkedIn profile.

“For most graduates, it’s all about that career change and learning to navigate a job search in the tech landscape,” said Drummond. “We’ve had great success with graduates who started their search early in–we have a few who are graduating with job offers.”

And the career coaches don’t disappear once students graduate. Students can continue to meet with career coaches and tap into Dev Bootcamp’s resources and job listings long after graduation day.

Of course, just like learning to code, finding the right job, whether it’s your first or fifth, isn’t easy.

“You get what you put out,” said Drummond. “Getting a great job is done by doing a great job at job search, and we stress this and mentor our grads on this. We discuss multiples ways to change up the approach and try something new.”

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