The DevOps Jobs and Digital Currency Internship Edition

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First Jobs After College

Jr. DevOps Engineer (Flow Traders)

If you’re curious about careers in Fintech, Flow Traders is hiring early career professionals (1 to 3 years of professional work experience) with a Bachelors in Comp Sci/Engineering to join their team as Trading DevOps Engineers. 

Candidates will have to compete a coding challenge via Hackerrank during the application process, and will want to highlight knowledge of Unix/Linux and Windows OS, Python and Bash, Kafka, Kubernetes, and HDFS in cover letters but also when speaking to the hiring manager because in-person comms skills are essential to life on the trading desk.

DevOps Engineer (Visa)

Read to build up your credit as a DevOps Engineer at Visa? They’re hiring an analytically driven candidate to design, implement, automate and support application build releases, deployments, and configurations.

You’ll want to have at least a high school degree or relevant work experience in DevOps, so make sure when someone asks you about using tools like JENKINS, GIT, BitBucket, Repositories, Chef, or Ansible, you’re ready to pay them with the correct response.

Internship of the Week

CBDC Intern – Fall 2021 (Ripple)

Dogecoin got you down but not out? Ripple is offering students the opportunity to better understand digital currencies by working with Central Banks as a CBDC Intern this Fall. You’ll be tasked with researching the economic implications of Central Bank Digital Currencies and using your findings to help enhance Ripple’s communication efforts with banks.

They’re particularly interested in talking to MBA/Masters candidates with technical knowledge of digital currencies and international experience, so if that applies to you, then hit our apply button below.

In The News

GitHub lawyering up?

GitHub’s new automatic coding tool, Copilot, could be flying through uncharted territories, as The Verge reports a copyright claim could be brewing should someone find training machine learning models on publicly available data isn’t “fair use.”

Considering a career in data science? Here’s what the numbers say.

If an employer’s use of phrases like ‘data literacy’, ‘algorithm’, and ‘big data’ is steering you off the data scientist career path, you’re not alone. According to a survey conducted in the United Kingdom, less than half (49%) of 16-21-year-olds consider data science as a career option despite having many of the skills necessary to thrive in the role.

🌮  The Taco Report  🌮

While the Suns and Bucks battle for a NBA Championship, we’re all winning thanks to Taco Bell’s Flamin’ Hot Doritos Locos Taco promotion.