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You Too Can Live the Digital Nomad Lifestyle. Here’s How.

You too can be a digital nomad. Here's how.

Exile on Main Street

Has your apartment become a suffocating cubicle all its own? It happens to the best of us. And that’s why the Digital Nomad lifestyle has become increasingly popular in the last few, flattened years. Per Global Workplace Analytics, more than 2.3% of the U.S. workforce spent more than six months telecommuting in 2013 – so why not do it in style (and in Paris)? Check out these tips for getting your passport stamped more often in 2015.

Learn by Example
There are a seemingly endless supply of blogs and how-to’s from the technomads, though we warn you it’s easy to be overwrought with jealousy at the site of yet another beach on a remote Greek island. O.T. (that’s original technomad) Chris Brogan has been fulfilling his wanderlust for the last 15 years – check out his planning tips here. Rolf Potts’ Vagablogging is a lot better than that name would suggest. And the ebooklets and blog from Location Independent should also prove invaluable.

Always Connect
Reddit, naturally, has an active community of more than 5,700 fellow travellers, offering advice, crash pads, and more. The members-only chat community #nomads offers inside information for those who have been there before. Google+ community Digital Nomads Abroad likewise provides excellent resources. And The Next Web introduces you to seven pro nomads who offer advice and recommendations.

Take Your Pick
Nomad List is a ranking of the best cities around the world to work remotely, based on internet speeds, temperatures, cost, and size of the community – currently four spots in Thailand rank one through four, with Prague close behind. Keep airfare alerts for your cities of choice set on Kayak and get ready to sublet your apartment.

Be Prepared
World Nomads provides travel insurance covering electronics, cameras, and more, targeted specifically to the world wandering out-of-office employee. And don’t forget, you’ll also have to worry about boring issues like work visas, malaria shots, and more. The Digital Nomad Hub tracks, books, and blogs that offer advice and recommendations on an endless variety of topics. And of course, learning the language couldn’t hurt. Download Duolingo to get started.


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