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Early Adopter Network connects college kids with tech companies looking for QA

Testing is nothing new for college students. But it’s not often that they get to play the tester, rather than the testee.

Early Adopter Network connects companies with college students for beta-testing apps, software, and websites. After three weeks of QA training, the recruits spend a few hours every week testing new products – the typical payout is $15-per-hour.

It hasn’t been hard for the startup to find college kids willing to sign on – Early Adopter Network’s cofounders are themselves a senior and junior in college.

“I was working at Betaworks for the summer, doing QA for them,” cofounder Noah X. Deutsch told us. “When I left to go back to school, I wanted to continue helping them, so I started recruiting some kids to do testing. We created this network just to test Betaworks products, but very soon we had other people asking if we could make it available to the public. So we launched it for free while we honed our product.”

“For the first six to eight months, instead of generating profits, we were all about fostering relationships with potential clients,” cofounder Lorenzo De Plano said.

Now a team of 11 full-timers, the company works with clients like Snapchat, JackThreads and Two Dots and is currently developing a proprietary software platform for clients. But how do they manage to find time to actually go to class and finish their schoolwork?

“It’s tricky but we make it work,” Deutsch said. De Plano agreed. “It’s very, very tricky,” he said.

Want to start testing get all the information you need here.

Now go forth (and get out of beta).


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