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HR Breakfasts, Webinars, and Big Employer Branding Questions for 2020

Here’s what we know about employer branding: most HR professionals are well aware that it deserves their attention.

Here’s what we also know about employer branding: most HR professionals have questions — lots of questions — about employer branding that they need to address before they can confidently move forward.

With the new year fully in swing, we’ve been working to bring these questions to the surface at a pair of employer branding events: the latest iteration of our HR Breakfast series, and an employer branding webinar.

Let’s start with the webinar. Our chief creative officer Tarek Pertew joined experts from Blueboard, Instacart, and The Trade Desk to discuss the importance of authenticity in employer branding and the challenges and successes of leading a remote team.

Tarek also stressed the importance of storytelling in employer branding and touched on Uncubed’s own efforts with employer branding video.

The whole webinar, which you can find below, is well worth an hour of your time.

At our recent HR Breakfast, we polled the 50+ HR and employer branding pros in attendance about their hopes and fears for 2020.

Some discussed candidates’ preconceived notions and the challenges of influencing employer brand perception.

Some expressed concern about the prospect of convincing higher-ups that employer branding deserves a sizable budget.

Others — at both the HR Breakfast and employer branding webinar — wondered: how do you measure employer branding success? And what’s the difference between an employer brand and an employee value proposition?

Like we said: people have questions.

And through our live events and easily accessible employer branding content, we’re aiming to provide some answers.

Keep an eye out for future webinars and HR Breakfasts — there’ll be plenty on the horizon. And be sure to come with questions.



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