Has Elon Musk Found His Supervillain? And 7 More of the Top Stories in Tech.

Yes, this is a real candle. It's also sold out.

What Happened?

It was a big week. You might have missed something.

Who Watches the Yahoos?
On Tuesday, Reuters dropped a bombshell report alleging that in 2015, Yahoo “secretly built a custom software program to search all of its customers’ incoming emails for specific information provided by U.S. intelligence officials.”

Yahoo rebutted the Reuters story as “misleading” without actually denying they scanned users’ emails. The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan described it as “A classic non-denial denial.”

And now a New York Post suggests that Tim Armstrong is cooling on Verizon’s recently-inked $4.8 billion deal to purchase Yahoo. “He’s pretty upset about the lack of disclosure,” a source told them, “and he’s saying can we get out of this or can we reduce the price?”

Incidentally, Yahoo’s then-Chief Information Security Officer, Alex Stamos, reportedly resigned in protest after discovering the details of the surveillance, joining Facebook as Chief Security Officer. And in a very odd bit of timing, on Wednesday, Facebook introduced end-to-end encryption for all Messenger users.

Musk Goes Full Marvel
Under a certain lens, Elon Musk’s life looks a lot like that of a cinematic superhero. And now it looks like we’ve got our supervillain. SpaceX, along with assistance from NASA, the FAA, and Air Force, is investigating the possibility that the September first explosion of their Falcon 9 rocket was the result of sabotage.

Want to Be a Founder?
Then you should go to Stanford or MIT.

We Googled For You
Want to know everything about Google’s big tech reveals? The Verge has you covered. So do Techcrunch, Quartz, and The Next Web. And don’t forget Popular Science, Forbes, and Bloomberg.

Taste the Edginess
Vice has launched its own line of craft beer.

That Was Fast
Last week we told you that major corporations were lining up to bid on Twitter. This week, it seems, no one wants to buy the platform.

At the Crossroads of Cute and Creepy
Meet Toyota’s new robot baby.