Everything Is Blowing up, and 8 More of the Top Stories in Tech

Meet beardog, who roamed the Americas 40 million years ago.

What Happened?

It was a big week. You might have missed something.

Your Phone Is Blowing Up
When your flagship product won’t stop exploding on consumers, it’s probably best to stop selling it. At least that’s what Samsung finally realized this week, discontinuing production on the Galaxy Note 7 devices. The move led Samsung to slash its quarterly profit earnings estimate by a third.

The company is actually sending consumers thermally-insulated boxes and safety gloves to return the devices. Vice notes that the phone’s recall is also “an environmental travesty”. Remarkably, though perhaps not surprising, there remain Samsung truthers, who refuse to give up their ticking time bomb of a device.

Women In Tech
Tuesday was Ada Lovelace Day, celebrating the remarkable achievements of the world’s first computer programmer. You can check out a great hour-long BBC documentary on Lovelace right here.

Shift Key
How is ubiquitous computing changing us? It’s causing us to forget crucial survival skills, per The Guardian. It’s also changing the way soccer is played, per The New York Times.

Citizen Facebook
Did you notice that Facebook reminder to register to vote? Apparently a lot of people did – some states saw more than 150,000 people register via the reminder.

Funny Robots
In an effort to make AI interactions more “human”, Google is hiring writers from Pixar and The Onion to spice things up.

Priming the Pump
Get ready for Amazon’s new members-only convenience stores.

When Facebook Is Productive
Workplace by Facebook, a competitor to Slack, launched this week.

Wonders of the Connected World
When does it take 11 hours to make a cup of tea? When you’re using a wifi-enabled teapot, apparently. (You’ll want to read this.)