Exercise Your Skills At These 6 Hiring Fitness Tech Companies

Few activities release endorphins quite like a good workout, but we’d argue landing an exciting new job also does the trick. Care to chase one down? You’re in luck — here are a half-dozen hiring fitness tech companies.

Peloton: You know all about Peloton’s revolutionary at-home fitness equipment. Perhaps you’ve even seen our collaboration with AWS showcasing how Peloton rolls out new features on their fleet of at-home treadmills and bikes. And perhaps you’ve even already been keeping your eyes on Peloton’s many open roles in New York and beyond — but if you haven’t, chase them down here.

Fitbit: Fitbit’s ubiquity in the wearable world is hard to overstate, so let’s just get straight to the point: they’ve got all kinds of openings in manufacturing, marketing, product and more, from San Francisco to Boston to Belarus and beyond. Take a breath, check your resting heart rate, and see them all here.

Class Pass: Your Zumba-loving, Pilates-plugging, hot Yoga-sweating roommate’s favorite booking platform has made unique exercise classes more accessible and convenient than ever before. Most of their open roles are in New York, though the company’s hiring in San Francisco, Bangkok, and Missoula, Montana as well. Take a look here.

Strava: Time spent browsing social media and time spent getting outside and getting active don’t necessarily have to run counter to one another. Strava’s online platform connects runners and cyclists to share their workouts. You can chase down some open jobs at Strava in San Francisco, Denver, and beyond, here.

Hudl: The film room is no longer just for the pros, as Hudl’s game film platform has enabled youth athletes and pros alike to share, edit, and review clips from previous games in hopes of improving future performance. Launched in 2006, Hudl’s reach has long since gone global, and so has its workforce: openings range from Lincoln, Nebraska to London. See them all here.

BridgeAthletic: Coaches and athletes alike can build and follow training programs through the BridgeAthletic platform, which offers subscriptions for dozens of sports and regimens. Their openings range from engineering to marketing and more — see them all here.