Facebook debuts their plans for world domination this week

FYI, the Bangkok Madame Tussauds features a wax Mark Zuckerberg.

Need to Know

Facebook Live had its first blockbuster broadcast on Friday – a truly enthralling video of two BuzzFeed editors putting rubber bands on a watermelon for 45 minutes. At least 3.1 million people watched the stunt, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Though the content could certainly use some work, those numbers are a great way for Facebook to kick off their F8 Developer Conference tomorrow. The two-day event will see the social behemoth introduce a variety of new features as well as play up the revenue-generating opportunities on existing tech.

The biggest buzz is around the introduction of chatbots to Messenger. The artificial intelligence software (with a human assist) should prove a boon for businesses on the platform, not only offering customer service, but also providing push notifications about order status and more. Re/code offers a great introduction to the much-hyped bot revolution right here.

Last week, Facebook introduced a variety of new interactive features to Facebook Live – you can expect them to receive a lot of play at f8.

New artificial intelligence tools – like the recently introduced ability to automatically describe the content of photos for blind and visually impaired users – will also be featured, though it’s unclear if M, the company’s virtual assistant, will make an appearance.

While VR will likely find a place at the event, expect the big announcements to come later this fall at the Oculus Connect developers conference.

You can register to watch a livestream of the event right here.


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