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Ferrets, Sticky Notes, and the New York Skyline

A Day in the Life of Contently co-founder, Shane Snow

They say founders work from sunrise to moonrise. We put that theory to the test and asked Contently co-founder Shane Snow to document his day for us. Check it out below:

Rise and Shine

My sunrise alarm clock wakes me up gradually by 6 AM (Editors note: Early bird, worm. Got it.)



First things first: getting the ferrets out of bed, so they can exercise before I leave. Grizz (pictured above), Peanut, and Lunchbox chow down; I refill their food and water, then let them run around.

Morning Writing

Most mornings I try to get some writing in to keep my chops up. Today was a piece for Fast Company.

Home Office

Breakfast usually takes place here at my desk while I catch up on emails.

The Office

I arrive at work around 9, on the 15th Floor of the Google Building in Manhattan. This is Contently’s “startup battlestation.”

View from Office

New York is an inspiring place to work. The Consigliere Group – whose space we share – has the sickest view of the city.


Schedule is usually packed with meetings. In between meetings, I work on marketing initiatives and product design. When I run out of room on gCal, sticky notes organize the rest of my day.

Branding Session

Joe Coleman, Dave Goldberg, and I (founders of Contently) get together regularly with our investors, The Consigliere Group, for branding and marketing sessions.

Editorial Strategy

Around noon, Sam Slaughter, John Hazard, and I work on our plan for scaling Contently’s editorial operation.

Editorial Strategy

As afternoon winds down, Sanjay Ginde walks me through the product details the dev team plans to execute next week.

Editorial Strategy

By the time I leave for home, the city looks like this from our office window. No matter how busy a day’s been, I can’t complain about the view!

Now go forth (and get that worm!)


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