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This is why telecommuting is so popular.

Fifteen ways to hack your commute

Few experiences are as universally loathed as long commutes. Whether you’re driving a car, riding the train, or rolling on a razor scooter, it’s a daily tradition that can induce boredom at best and conniptions at worst. Thankfully, the digital age offers some of the best options for commute optimization since we ditched the horse-and-buggy for the Model T. Here’s a rundown of some apps and products that limit road rage and transit torment.

Hurry Up
American road commuters spend about a week stuck in traffic per year – imagine how many all day TV marathons you could be watching instead (seven, according to our in-house math department). The INRIX Traffic App and Waze both provide real time traffic updates. For those of you on public transit, Moovit tells you how crowded and on-time buses and trains are. CityMapper and HopStop also help non-drivers get where they need to be.

Save Up
Even more egregious than the time lost by road commuters is the money spent – somebody named Mr. Money Mustache claims the average commuter loses out on $125,000 in wealth over ten years while he stares at unfunny bumper stickers. Thankfully, the GasBuddy app helps you find the cheapest gas nearby, and for those of you who inherently trust strangers, the Carma Carpooling app hooks you up with other commuters to save on costs.

Cast A Spell
For the sake of knowledge, entertainment, or hearing someone else’s voice so as to feel less alone, podcasts are an excellent medium for passing time. Last month, we gave you a rundown on some of the best podcasts out there, including our very own. Here’s the latest from Education Uncubed.

Read Between The Lines
Words are great, right? We sure think so. For subway goers or other travelers with available eyes and unavailable service, Pocket and Instapaper both allow you to save articles, web pages, videos, and just about anything else to view on your device at any time. For you drivers who should probably keep your eyes on the damn road, Amazon’s Audible is a great source for audiobooks.

Get It Done
If your train ride is especially long, you may want to invest in a wifi hotspot to bring with you – you can’t go wrong with Karma. If you’re driving and are bestowed with a burst of inspiration, Evernote lets you get your thoughts down on the spot. Or, maybe you’re in the midst of learning a new language, and want to do it on-the-go. Duolingo is a great free app for that. Or, perhaps the best thing you can for yourself is to take a break at once. Buddhify’s iOS app helps you meditate whenever and wherever.

Oh, and there’s always riding a bike. Supposedly that’s pretty good for your health.

Now go forth (and accelerate).