Finally, a health and fitness site you can trust

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Get Healthy. Stay Smart.

It may seem hard to imagine, but a mere 10 years ago, six-pack abs were the greatest fitness goal any man or woman could achieve. Of course, when you consider that the industry has also gifted us Spandex, the Shake Weight, and something called Punk Rope, perhaps it shouldn’t come as much surprise.

New York’s Greatist has made it its mission to break through the noise and misinformation endemic to health and fitness reporting. Instead the publisher offers readers cold, hard facts about how to lead a healthier life, based on real reporting and vetted by experts.

It’s a message that has resonated with the public – the site boasts 10 million unique monthly visitors, and two million people subscribe to their email content. Yesterday, the company announced raising a $4.5 million Series A round.

“It makes me angry that in a space so important, one that affects people’s lives, health, and body images… that so much of it is bullshit,” CEO and cofounder Derek Flanzraich told us. “What’s important for us is having a healthy attitude. That it’s all about finding what’s good for you, not what’s good for me.”

A team of 25 people, the company expects to double in size by year’s end. They’re hiring for seven open positions out of New York, though you can expect to see a lot more job postings very soon.

You can subscribe to Greatist right here.

Now go forth (and skip the six).