Fintech jobs that help people + The legal code goes no-code

No code is pleading its case (via Giphy)

First Jobs Out of College

Software Engineer

Nova Credit is hiring upcoming and newly graduated software engineers with a B.S. in comp sci who are motivated to solve the problem of credit access for immigrants and global citizens.

If managing complex global systems and a tech stack comprising Node.js, React, AWS, Postgres, Terraform, and Ansible make you shoot for the stars, then apply before other new grads burn out your opportunity.

Supply Management Specialist, Events

Spot Hero makes finding parking spots easy. Now they need your help in locating a Supply Management Specialist ready to monitor and track parking rates and inventory levels at major sporting events.

They’re intrigued by candidates who have CRM experience and enjoy building relationships with customers via email and mobile communication. The job description notes 0-2 years of experience in communications, research, and/or data entry positions.

Internship of the Week

Marketing Data & Insights Internship

Volta Industries is a business we’ve featured before in Intel because they spark a lot of interest (they’re a network of EV charging stations, after all) and offer students opportunities like this Marketing Data & Insights Internship. 

It’s a hands-on role for a creative, analytically minded undergrad ready to spend 12 weeks absorbing consumer data and making recommendations that power Volta’s media and site development sectors.

Is your company hiring? 

Post your jobs on Uncubed! All BIPOC-owned and led businesses are eligible to receive a 60% discount on our job board. To receive your discount or learn more, please email: [email protected].

Stuff You Can Thank Us For Later

Job Outlook Stuff

According to this U.S. News and World Report article, which cites data from both the Bureau of Labor Statistics and National Association of Colleges and Employers, businesses expect to hire 7.2% more new college grads from the Class of 2021 than they hired from the Class of 2020.

Legal Stuff

How is the no-code/low-code movement impacting the legal profession – and why is this important if you’re a jobseeker? Bloomberg Tax explains.

The 🌮 Report

We want to thank our readers – especially former long-time Portland resident Cindy – for letting us know that we brought back good memories when we highlighted TacoTime in last week’s Intel.

While we unfortunately can’t deliver physical TacoTime tacos to all of you, we can deliver this CGI-infused video detailing the magical – though probably not totally accurate – process as to how tacos are placed in Doritos bags

If you’re looking for a fresh rec this week and happen to find yourself in the greater Des Moines area like this newsletter writer did last week, we suggest finding your nearest Tasty Tacos location immediately and getting your hands on their legendary fluffy flour tortillas with a side of salsa. 

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