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This new tech is sure to transform the time tracking industry.

Five apps that optimize time tracking

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Few exercises are as mind-numbingly repetitive and, ironically, time consuming, as filling out a timesheet. The act of clocking in and clocking out has about as positive a connotation as lukewarm coffee, but fortunately, a handful of companies offer convenient solutions so that employees can use more of their time accomplishing important tasks – such as making a new pot of coffee.


Why spend any time tracking your time when a program can do it for you? CreativeWorx’s TimeTracker automatically monitors and records what applications, websites, and documents you have in focus. TimeTracker has been on the market for over two years, but in recent months, the New York-based CreativeWorx team has introduced Enterprise and Teams Versions for collaborative time tracking.


San Francisco’s Timely flips the timesheet model by enabling users to schedule their day within the app’s interface, and start the clock on a particular task when they’re ready. Timely also recently introduced a Today Widget for iOS to instantly stop and start the timer regardless of what’s on your screen.


A mainstay by startup standards, New York’s Harvest has made time tracking and invoice reporting easier for freelancers, small businesses, and departments within large companies since 2006. Harvest users can start and stop timers on given projects with one click, and filters differentiate billable, non-billable, employee, and contractor hours. Harvest also allows you to create an invoice that automatically imports hours and expenses.


This one’s for individuals in need of a little motivation: RescueTime makes you face the ugly truth about your work habits by automatically logging activity, and setting goals and alarms to combat the allure of procrastination. Based out of Seattle and Atlanta, the platform even offers a built-in and customizable productivity score to go along with detailed reports on your time usage.


New York’s Freckle takes on a heady challenge – attempting to make time tracking enjoyable. Among Freckle’s many features are reminders, offline activity capturing through the Cloud, and easy invoice sharing with the capability to pay and be paid through PayPal. With all of these features, it’s fair to assert that Freckle is most certainlynot the red-headed stepchild of time tracking software.

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