Fixers’ Collective will repair your iPhone and more for (nearly) nothing

Image courtesy Fixers' Collective

The Fix Is In

Just because something doesn’t work anymore, you don’t need to throw it out. That might not be true of your layabout ex-boyfriend, but when it comes to a clock radio, vacuum cleaner, or sewing machine – there’s always a second chance.

New York’s Fixers’ Collective might be the answer to your repair needs. A social club of sorts, the Fixers meet twice a month to help the public fix everything from busted umbrella to cracked iPhone. All they ask is a $5 suggested donation and the willingness to learn something.

“It’s a skill share in a way,” Vincent Lai, the current ringleader for the Collective, told us. “Because we also pass along what we know – how circuitry works, basic mechanics, that kind of thing.”

Founded in 2008 by David Mahfouda and Tammy Pittman, Fixers’ Collective began life at the Proteus Gowanus gallery. Today they have a core group of six to eight Fixers, ready, willing, and able (most of the time) to help.

Of course, the Collective might not be able to help breath life into that busted camera. “That happens more often than we want people to believe,” Lai said. “But it’s a good exercise in humility. As much as we hate to admit it, we can’t fix everything.”

The Collective typically meets twice a month. Keep up with all things Fixers’ Collective right here.