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Flatiron’s Hungryroot is transforming the ready-made meal

Image courtesy Hungryroot

Noodling Around

Why is it that the simplest ready-to-eat meals tend to be the worst for you? More often than not, you’re dealing with a trans-fat fast food nightmare or enough sodium to last a lifetime.

Launched April first, Hungryroot offers pre-packaged, organic meals that promise to be farm-fresh, all natural, and ready to eat in seven minutes.

Hungryroot’s individually-portioned meals are based around vegetable noodles with optional sauces, toppings, and proteins, which means a far more healthful option than your typical Hungry-Man. Designed by Top Chef Masters’ Franklin Becker, each meal costs $12.

“You feel like you’re eating a big bowl of pasta, but it’s actually a big bowl of vegetables,” cofounder Ben McKean said. “I had always seen vegetables as the broccoli florets on the side of your plate that you eat because you’re supposed to.”

McKean is not new to the food tech space – his previous startup, Savored, was acquired by Groupon in 2012.

Based out of the Flatiron District, Hungryroot ships to all of the northeast and slightly beyond. You can check out their offeringshere.

The company is hiring for a variety of roles – if you want to join the HungryRoot team, get in touch with them here.

Now go forth (and don’t defrost).


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