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Marie taunted her children for their inability to read.

Fog Creek Software isn’t living in the shadow of its famous child

Ken Griffey hit 152 home runs in his major league career. Ken Griffey Jr. hit 630. Martin Amis is arguably a greater writer than his father Kingsley. And no matter what she does, Mama June will never be a bigger star than her daughter Honey Boo Boo.

Sometimes parents are overshadowed by their spawn.

New York’s Fog Creek Software is a prime example. While you might not be familiar with the company’s name, you’re almost certainly aware of Fog Creek’s best known creation, the ubiquitous task and project management app Trello.

“Trello came out of something we do called ‘Creek Week’,” Elizabeth Hall, Fog Creek’s Director of Recruiting, told us. “Every year all the devs get a week to work on whatever they want. And out of that came the basic idea for Trello… We spent a really long time trying to name it – everyone was involved, from the receptionist to [the CEO].”

Fog Creek was founded in 2000 by Joel Spolsky (later co-founder of Stack Exchange) and Michael Pryor, two developers unhappy with the way programmers were managed. The company was set up as a programmer’s paradise – where management exists to serve the tech and engineers are treated like kings.

Today the company has 45 pampered, full-time employees, and offers several project management tools – FogBugz, a bug-tracking tool, and Kiln, a version control system, among them.

Fog Creek is currently looking for a system administrator and mobile designer. Get more information here.

Now go forth (and thank your mom).

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