232 jobs in food tech at Soylent, MealPal, Blue Bottle Coffee, and more

The Business

Intermittent fasting might be the digerati’s favorite new health trend, but let’s face it – food isn’t going anywhere.

If you want to combine your love of food with a passion for tech, we’ve got just the thing.

232 new jobs at Soylent, Pilotworks, MealPal, Sweetgreen, Blue Bottle Coffee, Indigo, and Dig Inn.

Pilotworks – 2 New Jobs

Brooklyn’s Pilotworks operates culinary incubators around the country. They’re looking to hire a VP of People and Culture as well as a Senior Account Executive. Apply here.

MealPal – 33 New Jobs

New York’s MealPal is trying to solve the sad desk salad with lunch plans for the 9-to-5 crowd. They’re hiring for roles in business, engineering, marketing, operations, and more. Apply here.

sweetgreen – 57 New Jobs

Los Angeles’ Sweetgreen doesn’t just make salads – it’s also a fully-fledged tech shop. They’re hiring for customer experience, digital, finance, IT, and more at locations around the country. Apply here.

Blue Bottle Coffee – 24 New Jobs

Oakland’s Blue Bottle Coffee is bringing the best in coffee culture to everyone. The company isn’t just hiring baristas, either. They’re on the hunt for roles in engineering, development, finance, people, and more. Apply here.

Indigo – 81 New Jobs

Boston’s Indigo works with farmers to apply natural growing methods to provide healthy food for all. They’re hiring for roles in business development, commercial accounts, data science, IT, and a whole lot more. Apply here.

Dig Inn – 26 New Jobs

New York’s Dig Inn is building community with food, engaging farmers, customers, and partners. The company is also growing fast, hiring for roles in real estate, people and culture, brand marketing, and more. Apply here.

Soylent – 9 New Jobs

Los Angeles’ Soylent is trying to create an entirely new way for people to eat healthfully. They’re hiring for roles in product development, marketing, operations, and more. Apply here.