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For Dumbo’s Tinybop child’s play is complicated stuff

Anyone’s who’s watched a kid barely old enough to stand navigate her way around an iPad like an old pro will attest – it’s actually pretty creepy. Apparently we humans have a built-in capacity for tapping, swiping, and crushing candy.

Dumbo-based educational app studio Tinybop is trying to harness that intuitive knowledge for good purpose, creating apps that merge the look of a classic children’s encyclopedia with high-design flair.

Their first offering, The Human Body, is part of a planned Explorer’s Library that will tackle the fundamental questions. Think – Why is the sky blue?

“We’re not about getting kids to learn twenty facts or equations,” Youngna Park, Tinybop’s Head of Product, told us. “These apps are about inviting inquiry and exploration – they’re a place for kids to go and ask questions.”

Tinybop anticipates that the next app in their Explorer’s Library will launch in January, and titles will continue to roll out after that.

A team of nine, Tinybop is on the hunt for iOS developers, as well as Photoshop, animation, and sound design whizzes.

“You’re building games for kids,” Park said, “which is a really fun problem to have. How do you make a heart look like it’s actually beating? Simulating these kind of real world scenarios is amazing.”

You can get all the details and get in touch here.

And if you’d like to learn something, you can download The Human Body for the iPad and iPhone here.

Now go forth (and open it up).

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