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Freshly launched app Vurb simplifies app browsing

Screenshots courtesy Vurb

Vurb, To Do

While smartphones have made planning easier, they also mean we have to plan for everything. Half the day, it seems, is spent swiping through some half dozen apps to research what we’re going to do.

Launched last week, Vurb brings those disparate mobile experiences together under one app, allowing users to search, act on, and share just about anything found in the wide world of apps, integrating services like Foursquare, Yelp, Uber, Lyft, Metacritic, Netflix, and more.

Vurb’s calling card, however, may be its social element: Cards and Decks. Users can create an information hub for events, sharing information about a night’s plan consisting of a restaurant, concert hall, and bar in the same neighborhood.

“The hope is this is the new way of sharing information. We’re done with just sharing the name of a restaurant in a text message,” Vurb founder Bobby Lo said.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Vurb’s launch comes on the heels of an $8 million Series A funding round in August. They’re hiring for quite a few open roles, mostly tech, here.

The app itself is currently only available on iOS, though an Android version is on the way. You can download Vurb for free here.

Now go forth (and keep it together).


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