The Future of Netflix Is in a Pill, and More of the Week’s Top Stories

Have you seen Black Mirror's "Playtest"? According to Reed Hastings, it's not too far off.

What Happened?

It was a big week. You might have missed something.

Welcome to Bizarro World
Yesterday, Apple introduced a new MacBook Pro that requires a dongle to connect an iPhone, loses the fantastic MagSafe connector as well as HDMI ports and SD card readers, and features a gimmicky (though admittedly cool-looking) OLED touch strip for easy emoji access.

On Wednesday, Microsoft unveiled its first-ever desktop PC, the Surface Studio, that could prove to be perfect for artists and creative types.

In related news, the legendary Steve Blank has a fascinating (if depressing) essay explaining why Tim Cook is the next Steve Ballmer.

Wire, Walk with Me
The Wirecutter, Brian Lam’s remarkably good online consumer guide, proved that affiliate marketing revenue was a viable source of income.
And now they’re joining the big boys – The New York Times has agreed to purchase the property for $30 million.

Smokey and the Bandit Weep
In “the first real-world commercial use of autonomous trucking”, a self-driving truck delivered 45,000 cans of beer to a warehouse in Colorado.

Dry Erase the Past
Google is trying to reinvent your whiteboard.

Well, At Least People Don’t Tend to Eat at the Same Time
UberEats is rolling out surge pricing.

Flashback Friday
Remember Groupon? They’re acquiring one-time rival LivingSocial for an undisclosed price.

Just Wait Until Twitter Stops Tweeting
Embattled Twitter is going into bunker-mode, shutting down Vine, the short-form video app they acquired in 2012. Vine “stars”, meanwhile, are in mourning.