Get an assist from AI to organize your photos

One box. Thousands of memories.

AI Am a Camera

It’s easier than ever to take photos, but harder to organize and find those images. You either wind up with a phone full of images deleted in a panic when you’re out of space or a folder full of images on your desktop that’s too cumbersome to ever sort through.

Monument wants to make managing your photos as easy as taking them. The new desktop device stores photos from digital cameras or smartphones and uses artificial intelligence to make them searchable.

Monument combines features available in other photo management services, like wifi syncing and face recognition, into one gadget that the company says avoids the security issues associated with uploading your photos to the cloud.

Monument uses standard USB disk drives to create what the company calls a “personal cloud.” In addition to uploading via wifi, images can be added to Monument by inserting an SD card or using the company’s app. Moment allows access to photos by smartphone, tablet or PC, but does not transfer images to the internet, according to the company.

“People keep telling us that traditional cloud storage has created more concerns than it has solved,” Ercan Erciyes, the CEO and cofounder of Monument Labs, Inc, said in a statement. “Personal photos and videos are hard to upload to the cloud, it’s expensive and tedious—and there’s a real fear about having your memories just ‘somewhere out there’ where they could be hacked.”

Photos uploaded to Monument are searchable by the usual date, time, and camera type, but they are also searchable by what’s in the photo, such as “snow” or “beach”. What year was it that you held that ugly Christmas sweater party? Search the holiday to find those images.

“Our goal in creating Monument was to eliminate every problem associated organize your photoswith organizing, storing and accessing digital memories,” Erciyes said.

Monument launched on Kickstarter in February and is now available for pre-sale on Indiegogo for $109.