Get anywhere in Manhattan by car for $5

Image Courtesy Uber

Pool Runnings

107 degrees. That’s how hot one subway platform got last year during a hot summer stretch.

If you’re dreading the dog days of summer (the worst is still yet to come), fear not. You can skip the subterranean furnace during your daily commute and take a cool, comfortable Uber anywhere below 125th for just $5.

That’s right. Get from Harlem to Wall Street for the price of your cold brew.

On weekdays in Manhattan, uberPOOL pickups and dropoffs are at the nearest corner for the most efficient routes, which still beats taking the stairs. And you may have some interesting company – uberPOOL matches you with riders heading your way.

The best news about these $5 rides (other than the nice, cool A/C)? No surge pricing.

So give it a shot now. Get your first 2 uberPOOL rides during commuting hours free with promo code POOLWAKEFIELD. Enter the code to the Promotions tab in your Uber app, located under the menu icon, and get riding.

Good until Sept. 16th, 2016 at 8pm. This offer is valid for uberPOOL trips that begin and end in Manhattan below 125th Street Monday–Friday, 7–10am and 5–8pm.

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