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Zen Masters

If you’re setting off on the long path of entrepreneurship, you need to be prepared for hard road ahead. The masters at Expert Dojo can help.

With a network of more than ten thousand members around the world, Expert Dojo offers access to a wide variety of workshops, one-on-one training, and membership, starting at just $100 per month.

And the Expert Dojo platform itself is free, offering members access to the program’s wide-ranging and involved community of entrepreneurs. They also host events throughout the New York area regularly.

“We want our members to think like a startup but act like a corporation,” founder Brian MacMahon told us. “You know, we don’t believe in pivoting, so our program is very structured from the beginning. There’s a huge emphasis on branding, all the way through to business planning, balance scorecard, scrum,

While you might not be able to avail yourself of Expert Dojo’s very swanky Santa Monica coworking space, you can take advantage of their network of experts, coaches, mentors, and more.

Check out all that Expert Dojo has to offer right here.

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