Getting Giddy About Gridlock + 16 Industries That Need an Upgrade

How to commute post-coronavirus (via Giphy)

How to: live life a quarter mile at a time

With COVID-19 altering perceptions of mass transit fast and furiously, Bloomberg examines how individuals are turning to their cars as a preferred means of transportation for work and leisure this summer (and possibly beyond). 

If building a better automobile sounds enticing, pump the brakes and take a look at this Senior Chassis Engineer, Actuators opening at Zoox, where you’ll lead the development and release of parts for autonomous driving vehicles.

Things we now realize weren’t that great to begin with

As far as we’ve come as a society, COVID-19, with an assist from Forbes, reminds us there are at least 16 industries we thought were great but in reality aren’t (kind of like living in the Tiny House Nation). Healthcare data management, big data analytics, and telecommunications are a few of the industries highlighted, which might mean more opportunities like these for data scientists.

The socially responsible network?

Questioning the best way to support local businesses right now might be challenging, but at least finding those businesses in need has gotten easier thanks to Facebook and Instagram’s new Businesses Nearby feature. Techcrunch outlines how users can now view details like updated hours of operation, services, and special offers within a specific geographic area, in order to make finding the essentials right now even easier.

Speaking of essential items, Instacart’s engineering team is looking for Managers for its Customer and Fulfillment teams (aka the people that make it possible to find and receive ingredients for taco night at the push of a button).

The rise of remote monitoring in healthcare 

How is technology helping healthcare professionals on the front lines? For the sake of a self-imposed word count, we’re only concentrating on Google Nest Cams for this edition. They’re currently being used by NYC’s Mount Sinai Hospital to interact with patients in place of in-person check ups. 

If you’re looking for a career in healthcare that won’t make your luscious locks fall out, Thirty Madison is hiring a Head of Marketing for its DTC hair loss prevention treatment, Keeps.


Pay attention to the above hashtag because it might start trending now that CNN Business reports Twitter is allowing some employees the option to work from home indefinitely. Twitter trolls are advised by Uncubed to continue working from the basement.

So does this mean we can stop taking off our shoes?

To end this edition of Intel, we’re sharing this LA Times article about how some airports are now using thermal cameras, sanitation booths, and additional checks using tech to screen travelers. If solving the new challenges of airline travel sounds appealing, you’ll probably want to look into NexTravel’s call for a Technical Support Engineer.