Getting the best salad in the city just got a lot easier | Dedicated

Your sweetgreen concierge is ready to help.

How Sweet It Is

Here at Uncubed, we’re very big fans of sweetgreen, our lunch spot of choice for simple, seasonal, healthful food. Unfortunately, so is the rest of the city – come noon, the lines can get so long you’d think they were giving away free cash.

So when sweetgreen launched an all-new iOS app last month, offering a miraculously simple way to order ahead and skip the line, we quickly became converts.

Simply choose one of sweetgreen’s seasonal options (we’re partial to the Spicy Sabzi) or design your own, select the nearest sweetgreen location, and you’re set. In just a few minutes you can grab your pre-paid salad, without the wait.

sweetgreen developed the app in response to customer feedback, creating an entirely new back-of-house setup and setting up a designated pickup area in each location.

“We wanted to create a digital platform that mirrors the in-store experience, builds a foundation for future innovation and allows us to serve more people better food,” cofounder Jonathan Neman said in a statement.

The app also provides a simple mobile payments platform as well the sweetgreen Rewards loyalty program, offering users a $9 credit for every $99 they spend.

Wakefield readers can score $3 off their next purchase with the app using the promo code SGWAKEFIELD (expires 3/13/16, 1x use per user account). Download it here.

Now go forth (and go green).