Give your digital life some offline love with Chatbooks and Guesterly

Image courtesy Chatbooks

Hard Sell

There’s nothing quite like the digital walk down memory lane, when you and your loved ones all huddle around an iPhone and scroll through dozens of nearly identical photos. But what other option do you have? Become a scrapbooker?

If you don’t want to spend hours suffering paper cuts and stinking of rubber cement, give Chatbooks a try.

Download the app, connect your photo source – Instagram, Facebook, or favorites from your camera roll – and that’s it. Every sixty photos creates a new 6×6″ perfect-bound volume starting at $8 per book with free shipping.

“I have seven children, and when I had just a couple of kids I was really good about scrapbooking pictures and printing them,” Vanessa Quigley, Chatbooks’ cofounder told us.

“But life got busy and with digital photography we all just quit printing photos. And I had an experience with my youngest where I realized I didn’t have any printed photos of him.”

In the meantime, Quigley’s husband was building a cloud-based photo and memory repository.

“He really believed print was dead,” Quigley said, “and that the last thing people wanted was more books to clutter up their lives. But my experience showed that there was a magic to being able to hold on to those memories that we were losing.”

The Provo-based company quickly pivoted to pulling photos using Instagram’s API and printing small books. The bet paid off – earlier this year Chatbooks sold their 1 millionth book and secured $6 million in Series A funding.

They also acquired Guesterly, a printed who’s-who guide for weddings, corporate events, and parties. “These are both such people-centered companies,” Guesterly cofounder Rachel Hofstetter told us. “It’s about connecting people and helping you hold on to your memories.”

Today’s the last day to place your order for delivery by Father’s Day – get more information right here.