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Bench Dress

Sure, you’re tracking your fitness with the latest in high-tech gizmo. So why are you still working in the same cotton t-shirt and nylon shorts your father could have worn?

Rhone is a new men’s active wear company that uses the most innovative fabrics on the planet to enhance your performance, comfort, and style.

Rhone’s premium line of shorts, tee-shirts, pants, and more, features performance components like rapid moisture wicking and four-way stretch to improve everything from your run to the golf tee to your jump shot.

But Rhone doesn’t stop there – using their proprietary SilverTech technology, all of their garments actually fight the bacteria that stink up both you and your gym bag. That’s right – you can say goodbye to that post-workout funk thanks to technology you’ll only find with Rhone.

And these are gym clothes you can actually wear out in public – they’re minimally branded and beautifully tailored so you won’t feel like a gym rat if you’re heading for a post-gym cocktail.

Want to give Rhone a try? Check out their best-selling Mako shorts, made from ultra-lightweight, four-way stretch fabric.

Check out the full line of Rhone active wear and give your workout an upgrade. They’re giving our readers 15% off their first purchase – just use the promo code Wakefield at checkout.


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