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Gliding Over All

Screenshots courtesy Glide

Glide takes video texting to the next level

Texting is efficient, but often impersonal. Sharing a video via text can paint a more intimate picture… minutes later, when the damn thing finally sends. And live video chat can be great, but who’s got time to set aside for that?

Enter Glide, a video walkie-talkie for the digital age.

Available on both iOS and Android, the fast and flexible app aims to solve all of those problems. Users can send videos instantaneously in private chats or group chats, and recipients can either start viewing as soon as their friend starts recording, or watch later. Because video files are stored in the cloud, the videos send much more quickly and won’t take up space on a user’s device.

In August, Glide, which is based in Jerusalem and has been on the market since June 2013, added a couple of updates to their Android platform. Users can discover new friends to chat with using a Tinder-esque function, and can now choose to take a video and then decide whom to send it to.

Head of Communications Chaim Haas said Glide is “making basic human communications more accessible by being the world’s fastest video messenger.”

“World’s Fastest” is a bold label often saved for Jamaican sprinters and Italian cars, but our experience with the app has proved to be speedy and seamless. You can download ithere.

Now go forth (and go fast.)


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