Go High Tech with Your Holiday Celebrations

Crypto sweaters or bubble wrap?

Light 'Em Up

It’s time to quit the Grinch routine and get in the holiday spirit.

According to the experts, decorating for the holidays will even make you happier.

Check out six of the techiest ways to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.


What better way to say 2017 than with a cryptocurrency themed ugly holiday sweater? For a mere $60, you can score the threads from HodlMoon.


The “digital decorators” at AtmosFX allow you to project moving (and frankly, creepy) images of Santa, elves, carolers, and more in your windows or home. Bonus: The $199 device can also be put to good use during Halloween.

Electronic Breadboard Menorah Kit

Why not perfect your electronics skills while also celebrating the festival of lights? This $18 Electronic Breadboard Menorah Kit doesn’t require any soldering.


If the thought of making any more latkes is getting you down, opt for PancakeBot, a 3D-printer that creates custom designed pancakes directly onto a griddle. It can be yours for $300.

The Death Star Tree Topper

Forget that boring old angel and top your tree with that most seasonal of stars: the Death Star Tree Topper, which lights up in a variety of colors. It’s on sale for $80 at ThinkGeek.

Snowmaker, aka Snowgun

This one comes with some serious caveats, because you’re going to need to build it yourself. But if you’re itching for some snow and the forecast isn’t promising, this 8-step Instructable on building your own snow-making device should do the trick.