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Oddly, the plants just grew like that. (Photo courtesy Google)

Google’s New York office is hiring 92 people

Google – you might know the company from their doodles – is famed for its cushy employee perks. But that doesn’t mean they’re resting on their laurels.

Last week, Google’s Director of Staffing hinted that he’s interested in offering employees a life extension. As in more years to live.

Suddenly the unlimited Diet Coke and that errant bottle of craft beer in your office mini-fridge don’t look so impressive.

In 2000 Google’s New York office was a Starbucks on the Upper West Side. Today, they’ve got two buildings in Chelsea housing more than 3000 employees in sales and engineering.

And while life extension might still be a few years off, those employees do have it pretty good already. On-site physicians, Lego play stations, subsidized massages, free yoga classes, and an author series are among the perks of being a New York Googler. Of course, the expectation is that employees will be spending the bulk of their existence at the office.

Google executive chairman, and Dr. Strangelove himself, Eric Schmidt gave CNN a tour of the New York offices a few years back – if you’re prepared to hear a lot of superlatives, you can watch the segment here.

There are 92 available jobs in Google’s New York office – there just might be something for everyone. Check them out here.

Now go forth (and live longer).

Nitty Gritty:

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