Got Wanderlust? We’ve Got 193 Travel Tech Jobs for You

The Business

If you’re not feeling great today, you’re not alone. It’s all Daylight Saving’s fault.

That jump ahead has been linked to an increase in car accidents, strokes, and a 24% increase in heart attacks.

But if you’ve got a taste for jet lag, then we’ve got just the thing – 193 new jobs at some great travel tech startups. Check them out.

Rally – Principal Software Engineer

New York’s Rally helps make your next trip to Coachella or the Kentucky Derby a whole lot easier. The company is looking for a Principal Software Engineer who will lead the development of an extensible micro-services architecture. Apply now.

Trivago – 20 New Jobs

The discount hotel platform Trivago is hiring for technology, product, sales, and design out of Düsseldorf, Germany (they’ll help cover relocation). Apply now.

Hyperloop One – 44 New Jobs

Los Angeles’ Hyperloop One is taking Elon Musk’s revolutionary approach to transportation, and trying to make it a reality. They’re hiring for 44 open roles in DevOps, engineering of every kind, software, manufacturing and production, procurement, safety, testing, and more. Apply now.

TripAdvisor – 119 New Jobs

If you are looking to make an international move, then peruse TripAdvisor’s many, many open roles in destinations as far-flung as Sydney, Singapore, and El Segundo. They’ve even got a few Canadian opportunities. Pack your bags and apply now.

Rocketrip – 9 New Jobs

New York’s Rocketrip is trying to improve the business trip experience for both the company and the employee. They’re hiring for roles in accounting, customer success, engineering, sales, product, and people. Apply here.