Great Grandma Arrested for CBD

She might have a rap sheet. But hard to argue with the pep in her step (Source: ESPN / Giphy)

CBD Granny

A great-grandmother was jailed for carrying CBD oil in her purse (prescribed by her doctor for arthritis) – at Disney World. The charges were later dropped.

Ok, so there are some kinks to work out, but still the cannabis industry is booming. Companies like sustainable grower Flow Kana are hiring.

Crypto Heist

Need a good caper to get you through the week? We have you covered. $40 million was stolen from Binance, a leading exchange. The missing internet dollars are out there somewhere.

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One Piece at a Time

The auto industry is getting turned upside down before our eyes.

The pending Uber IPO is slated to be one of the largest ever, in spite of strikes by drivers across multiple companies.

And electric truck maker Workhorse is reportedly buying a shuttered GM plant in Ohio.

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