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SF's Glassbreakers helps women in tech find mentorship

It goes without saying that the workplace has long been a challenging place for women. Unfortunately, the tech industry is no exception. A sector that prides itself on barrier-breaking innovations still hasn’t managed to create a nurturing environment for women.

San Francisco’s Glassbreakers offers peer-mentoring in tech for anyone who identifies as a woman. The platform works much as a dating site would, matching candidates with mentors based on personal and professional data.

“Traditional mentorship, established in male-dominated industry, is between very senior and very junior people,” cofounder Eileen Carey told Newsweek. “But the problem for women in the workforce is that there are many more mentees than mentors. Also, the tech industry is changing so fast that women even five or 10 years older may have very little of practical use to share with younger workers.”

Almost 1,500 women enrolled in Glassbreakers before its January 20th launch, and they’ve begun selling their product directly to HR departments, in an effort to integrate the program with company culture.

We want to build a hyper-connected, supportive workforce,” Carey said. “We don’t have to do this alone. We can do it together.”

You can join Glassbreakers here.

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