Wall of Sound (and Sight)

Image courtesy ODIN

The ODIN smart projector is a whole new class of electronics

A few years back, Microsoft Windows ran a series of misguided print ads with the tagline “Life Without Walls”. Never mind the fact that without walls there could be no windows, but what’s so bad about the occasional wall?

The ODIN, a smart projector launched on Kickstarter today, promises to transform any wall into a computer monitor, movie screen, or gaming console.

Where the typical projector requires a rat’s nest of cords and endless peripheral devices, the ODIN is different – it runs Android KitKat on a quad-core microprocessor, offers WiFi connectivity and high-quality speakers, and runs on battery power , all contained in a 6″ x 4.25″ device that weighs around 1.7 pounds

The ODIN allows users to stream and project movies from Xbox, Netflix, and Hulu, access files from Dropbox and Skydrive, or connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to use the device as a fully functioning computer. From a distance of five yards, the ODIN will project an image up to 125″ in size.

Based out of Brooklyn, with production and engineering handled entirely (and unsurprisingly) in China, ODIN represents an entirely new class of electronics.

You can support the ODIN Kickstarter campaign here – for a limited time, a pledge of $445 will score one of the devices (from a MSRP of $845). The ODIN is expected to start shipping in December of this year.

Now go forth (and screen it).

Nitty Gritty:

122 CE: Year construction on Hadrian’s Wall was begun

7th century BCE: Year construction on the Great Wall of China was begun

1685: Year the wall near what is now Wall Street was built